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Employee Engagement Opportunities

Our employees have the opportunity to participate in three important initiatives. Firstly, our annual Employee Caring Campaign enables them to donate to a fund that is meaningful to them and our community. Secondly, the Caring Coworkers Fund, which offers financial assistance to colleagues who are facing difficult circumstances, is a program that is entirely funded by contributions from fellow coworkers. Lastly, our Employee Well-being Program offers free wellness and relaxation services to promote rejuvenation and stress relief among our valued team members.
Your generosity matters!
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Caring Coworkers Fund

The Caring Coworkers Fund is funded by employees, for employees. The fund’s purpose is to provide monetary assistance to coworkers who are facing extreme hardship due to unforeseen emergency situations. 

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Employee Well-being Program

Our wellness program provides a valuable space for our staff to take a break when they need it, engage in therapeutic activities, and step away from pressing issues. This allows them to reassess, regroup, and gain a fresh perspective. By offering this outlet, we foster a sense of community among our employees and boost morale, ultimately leading to improved patient care.

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Employee Caring Campaign

Our dedicated and talented employees help make Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital stronger and allow us to provide exceptional healthcare to our community. Our annual Employee Caring Campaign provides much-needed funding to support programs that benefit our patients and their families, employees, volunteers and members of our community.

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