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A Way To Say Thanks!

Express your gratitude to a specific employee or department by honoring them with a Hidden Halo Award.
Your generosity matters!
Call (712) 396-6040 or visit our online donation page today and make your gift today.

At Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital, leading-edge care and compassion go hand in hand. Our patients often express their gratitude for this excellent care in a variety of ways – through their kind words, smiles, letters of thanks, and financial contributions. It’s certainly a rewarding feeling for our highly-trained healthcare professionals to know they were there when patients and families needed them the most.

Hidden Halo Honoree

Perhaps it was a kind word or a smile that comforted you or your family member. It could have been a life-saving procedure or a visit from a volunteer during your hospital stay. We thank you for choosing Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital for your care and invite you to send a heartfelt message to anyone who made your stay pleasant. With the Grateful Patient and Family Program, patients and families can recognize a specific person or a department with a written note. Share your story with us today. 


Honor a Caregiver

The Grateful Patient Hidden Halo Award recognizes exceptional care provided by a caregiver, department, or unit. 
Your honoree(s) will receive a Hidden Halo Award Certificate and lapel pin that will be presented to them by their manager and a Foundation staff member during their team meetings! The Foundation also honors Hidden Halo recipients every Friday on our Facebook and Instagram pages! 
Simply fill out the form below to honor your caregiver today!

How Your Gifts of Gratitude Help the Hospital

Gifts from the Grateful Patients and Families program allow the Foundation to:

  • Financially assist patients who are uninsured and/or underinsured with medical expenses
  • Advance and support healthcare delivery and patient care
  • Support current programs and services at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital
  • Underwrite the cost of new equipment and technology