Caring For Our Communities in Southwest Iowa

Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital and local area community partners are working together to improve healthcare needs through the Caring For Our Communities in Southwest Iowa program. The Community Care Coordination program can:

  • Provide a knowledgeable healthcare advocate to assist you with navigating through the health care system
  • Help you connect with resources for food, utilities, medical supplies, life skills, counseling, or other needs
  • Help you find a doctor if you do not have one
  • Help you obtain medical insurance
  • Help you obtain prescription medications

How it works 

The Care Coordination Team is dedicated to connecting you with the appropriate resources needed to get healthy and stay well. We will provide support and sustainability of healthy living options while preventing and managing your health conditions. Your team will help provide better access to health care providers and offer home or community based services, family support and compassionate care. The team will work with you to determine your needs, and connect you with a knowledgeable health care advocate.  

Health care advocates

A Health Coach is embedded in primary care offices focusing on fulfilling preventive care, managing chronic conditions and engaging self-management through education and support. 

A Community Coach is available to assist you with your complex healthcare needs. They will do a home safety assessment, and offer support, guidance and care at home. 

A Behavioral Health Coach is available to assist you with behavioral health issues. 

These coaches will:

  • Offer support, guidance and care
  • Assist you in understanding your medical condition
  • Review your medications with you
  • Refer you to appropriate programs and services
  • Help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become an active participant in your health care
  • Work with you to improve your personal wellness goals

Funds supports assigning a healthcare professional to meet with patients to offer support, guidance and care with medicine, referrals and knowledge, skills and tools to be more active in their healthcare.

Your generosity matters!

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